Welcome to the Baroda Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

Established in 1913,

The Vadodara Madhyasth Sahakari Bank Ltd. Today is one of the Leading Co-operative banks in Vadodara region, reputed for its Quality Services.

The Bank has carved a niche in banking sector with its rich heritage,integrity, adherence to the prudent banking practices, savvy customers services.

A Pioneer in the Co-operative Services Sector

The Baroda Central Co-op Bank Ltd proved itself a pioneer in the Co-operative services sector by providing class and mass services to the Rural, urban and semi-urban areas. Especially Providing crop production Loans to farmers residing in rual areas. Total 482 PACs (Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies) are affiliated with Bank. It Provides agricultural / allied agricultural /SSI / SME loan to rural people.

Our bank is the main center and priority organization of the district's cooperative activity. Through our primary cooperative societies working in our district from Zilla, providing major agricultural credit to the farmers living in the area of the villages in the area of the district, the main task is to accelerate the farm production activity. And where the primary cooperative societies have been suspended. Also, the primary co-operative societies "D". The net farmers of the Mandalayo villages, Banknom Nominal Farming credit is provided by the bank even after making a member.