Welcome to the Baroda Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

Demand Draft Service

Demand Draft is way for remitters to transfer money.

A Demand Draft is more secure than a normal cheque as it can only be credited to a specific payees account,and a customer can only be reimbursed under indemnity if the draft is lost or stolen.

The Baroda Central Co-operative Bank draft is a low-cost,convenient method of payments.

Pay Order Service

Pay order is secure way to make payment,Pay order can be made of your partys name.and it is best proof of payment of this amount and on date.so,instead of giving cheque you can make pay order from bank and bank will make a payment from your account.

Our bank is the main center and priority organization of the district's cooperative activity. Through our primary cooperative societies working in our district from Zilla, providing major agricultural credit to the farmers living in the area of the villages in the area of the district, the main task is to accelerate the farm production activity. And where the primary cooperative societies have been suspended. Also, the primary co-operative societies "D". The net farmers of the Mandalayo villages, Banknom Nominal Farming credit is provided by the bank even after making a member.